Chinese language and culture is one of the treasures of the treasure trove of human civilization. We are proud to possess such wealth, and carrying forward Chinese tradition is our mission. At Mei Ya Si Yuan , we are willing to share this treasure with everyone by providing high quality, lively, and interesting Chinese language and culture education.



Our School

We serve children ages 5-12 and provide a variety of programs from Mandarin Chinese Language to homework assistance to culture and history in Mandarin Chinese. We provide a nurturing learning environment where children learn and develop Chinese language fluency, literacy skills, and knowledge of Chinese culture and traditions. Our goal is to promote students’ awareness and appreciation about their cultural heritage.

我们为5-12岁的孩子提供多样化的中文课程,课后功课辅导。 我们以美洲华语系列中文为教材,讲授汉语拼音丶简体字丶偏旁部首丶笔顺规则丶标点符号及句型结构等中文基本知识,不断强化学生中文听丶说丶读丶写丶唱及对话的能力,逐步培养学生对中文阅读的兴趣爱好,介绍中华传统文化中的精髓,涉及艺术丶文化丶历史丶地理等不同领域,开设各类艺术文化活动,让学生潜移默化的体会到学习中文的乐趣。

Our Advantages

  • Small-sized class                                                                          小班制教学
  • Experienced staff and teacher                                                       有经验的老师
  • Fair price                                                                                      公道的学费
  • CHINESE textbook (published by Jinan University)                     中文(暨南大学出版社)
  • Convenient location                                                                       方便的交通